Alarm Systems That Alert Your Phone

It’s nice to have an alarm system that alerts your phone. This is usually done via a mobile app that lets you control your alarm system as well as the equipment when you are away from home. Homeowners and business owners in London have the convenience of staying updated with the security of their house via their mobile phones even when they are on the go.

There are several components in an alarm system that you can control with your phone or tablet. They allow you to arm or disarm the alarm from your mobile devices so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to set an alarm when you leave the house. The home alarm systems come with a home security app of their own. Alerts are sent to your device to notify so you can take immediate action.

Top Alarm Systems with Mobile App


If you are interested to invest in an alarm system that sends an alert to your phone, here are your options:

1.    Alarmsmart

Alarmsmart is a leading seller of certified home alarm systems that operate on wireless technology.  If a burglar tries to break into the house, the alarm goes off whether you are at home or not. The alarm system sends an alert to the central smart monitoring center as well as the user. The expert security team at Alarm Smart access where and which sensors were activated. The property owners receive an alert as well as the police so that an appropriate response is prepared.

The thing users love about Alarmsmart is that it’s easy to use, simple, and budget-friendly especially if you have small premises that you would like to secure. Also, there are no contracts to tie you up. If your needs change, it’s easy to switch from one bundle to another to maximize security.

2.    SimpliSafe

It’s known for DIY installation and even professional monitoring. It gives you complete control of home security. Plus, there are no contracts. They have 5 packages to choose from. Let’s say you are unable to find a package suiting your needs. No worries, you can build your own alarm system, too.

The only problem with their services is that you have to buy their security devices outright and this could turn out to be an expensive investment. But once you have bought the equipment there are no further expenses. Another drawback is the lack of external siren or bell box to signal the burglar to stay away from your home.

3.    Yale Smart Home Alarm

Yale’s alarm combines home automation and security. The user can receive instant alerts on their smartphone and even control their alarm from a remote location. You can add up to 40 extra devices to create a well-secured home.

Their alarm system works with Amazon Alexa too. When the alarm is triggered, lights flash red for warning the intruder. You can also customize the system according to your needs.


It’s a great investment to have an alarm system that sends you alerts on your mobile device to stay on top of security and take appropriate action!