Door Entry & Access Control

Modern access control means much more than just locking and unlocking doors. It allows you to control who can enter the premises as well as monitoring movements and limiting access to specific areas.

RG fire & security’s engineers have many years of experience fitting and servicing access systems and we can help you find exactly the equipment you need.

Old fashioned lock and key security is vulnerable to thieves and nowhere near as flexible as modern access control equipment. For example, lost, stolen or misused cards can be barred quickly and compromised codes can be changed in minutes.

We provide a full range of access control equipment for commercial and residential properties of all sizes. All of our equipment is certified and our engineers are fully qualified, assuring you the best quality security system at the lowest possible price.

We offer a full range of swipe card and keypad entry systems and our expert engineers install and maintain every system we install.

For added security, consider integrating your access control system with an intruder detection system or CCTV.

And as all access control systems require regular servicing to keep them working properly, RG fire & security offers a comprehensive maintenance package as well as a 24-hour emergency callout guarantee.

Other benefits include:

  • Track visitors and staff – as well as intruders
  • Easy to block lost or stolen key cards
  • Access card copying is virtually impossible
  • Creates a safer working environment for your staff
  • Protocols can be put in place to open particular doors at certain times

Our security engineers will carry out a free, no obligation survey of your premises to determine your security and access control needs.

Call 0131 664 1693 for a free no obligation survey!