Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a sample of the most frequent questions customers ask us.

Q. I don’t have an alarm system fitted, but don’t know what I need.

A. We will come out to your property and discuss all requirements with you. We will then provide you with our expertly trained recommendations on the best way to protect your property with all costs and quotation agreed prior to any works taking place.

Q. I have an old alarm system which needs upgraded.

A. We would be happy to come out and review your system, suggesting any changes that may be required and provide you with a full specification and quotation to upgrade your existing system.

Q. I have an alarm system, but it needs serviced.

A. We would be happy to review your system and service this for you. We would also recommend that your alarm is maintained on a regular basis, and can provide this service for you.

Q. If I have a cat or a small dog, can I still have an alarm?

A. Yes. We can fit your alarm system with pet friendly detectors, allowing you to set your system with you pet still in the property.

Q. How would I know if the alarm has gone off in my house?

A. RG Security advise that your system be connected to a speech dialler unit therefor alerting the relevant keyholder/neighbour of an activation at your property.

Q. Who do I call if there’s a problem with my alarm?

A. Although RG Security only install market leading equipment and in turn have very few and far between problems we also provide a 24 hours technical helpline (0131 6641693) for all customers, where we guarantee to solve your problem over the phone or have one of our fully qualified engineers at your property within 2 hours of your call.

Q. Will you charge for providing a quote.

A. Not at all. RG Security provide all quotations along with written specification totally free of charge. We also provide free maintenance cover on all new systems along with a free callout service to all customers.