How a home burglar alarm works

According to studies, the domestic burglary rate was declined in recent years, but around 2 in 100 households were the victims of it. Moreover, the victims of the repeated burglary rate have increased by 16% in 2019 in the UK. That means you should take your home security seriously. The smart burglar alarm is the best form of the home security system.

Have you ever wondered what happens after the burglar alarm goes off when an attempted burglary or intrusion occurs at home, and how it is managed?

The process of managing an alarm signal depends on two factors:

From the type of home burglar alarm installed: If it is a traditional home burglar alarm system with siren, an alarm with a telephone dialer or the latest generation alarm system connected to an Operations Center.

From the event that is taking place: Different processes are activated depending on whether theft is taking place or whether it is a false alarm.

Traditional Burglar alarm

The alarms for the traditional home have a siren, which is triggered for all detected burglaries. The advantage is given by low installation and maintenance costs given by the simplicity of the tools. But the disadvantage is that it can cause many false alarms; there is no connection with the phone or App, and there is no possibility of real-time verification of what it’s happening. For example, the burglar alarm could be triggered if you forget to deactivate it when entering the house or in the event of a power failure. In this way, the greatest risk is to unnecessarily disturb the neighborhood without being able to disarm the home burglar remotely.

Home burglar alarms with telephone dialers

There are also home burglar alarms with telephone dialers that are directly connected with the police or other contacts (relatives, neighbors, friends), and that sends a call in case of break-ins. In this case, the advantage is that of not having to worry about notifying the rescuers because the call starts automatically when one of the sensors detects a movement. The risk, however, is to create false alarms because there is no effective verification of what is happening at home. This is due to the absence of connection of the video to an App or an Operations Center. Law enforcement agencies receive hundreds of “automatic” calls from telephone dialers without actually checking for a theft in progress.

Wireless burglar alarms

The wireless alarms, however, are sophisticatedly more advanced. It has access to an app that lets you check what happens at home and receive notifications on your phone, wherever you are, without the risk of false alarms. The advantages are the possibility of remote management and ease of installation as it does not require masonry work.

The wireless alarm systems with the connection to a 24- hour Monitoring  Center have an additional added value: in case of break-ins, they allow a punctual check of all the alarm signals. When the burglar alarm is triggered, the surveillance cameras with which the home alarm is equipped activate the images in real-time to the Operations Center. There a security guard receives the alarm and carries out an evaluation of what is happening through the

analysis of the video, and therefore verifying that there is an effective break-in and not a false alarm.

What Type Of Burglar Alarm Is Best For UK Homes?

The traditional burglar alarm can be used in rural areas while the smart burglar alarm is the best choice for urban areas. For instance, if you are in London, choose the smart alarm because you can control it via the app or from your phone. However, the dialer alarm is the best choice for those homeowners who prefer simple home alarms.

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