How much does a burglar alarm cost?

The long-awaited summer holidays are approaching, but unfortunately, thieves do not go on vacation. It is, in fact, the period of the year in which there is a surge in thefts in the homes. That’s why most of the homeowners think about burglar alarms installation. So the first thing that comes in their mind is how it costs. The question is obvious, but its answer depends on many factors as the parameters involved are manifold. Moreover, it includes the sensors’ technological quality, the prices of a possible subscription to the surveillance service, level of security guaranteed by the alarm system, and the control center. So, there are many aspects and many variables to consider, each of which contributes to the increase or decrease in the cost of the burglar alarm.

How is the cost of an alarm system defined?

Each Intruder alarm system can be customized according to the needs of the o people. Consequently, the alarm system’s price varies according to the options that you decide to integrate with the basic model. Let’s see what they are:

Wireless or wired

The price of a burglar alarm with a video surveillance system also changes according to the type of instrumentation chosen, whether wireless or wired. A wired system that is with wires is electrically connected to the home network. Therefore, it requires expensive construction works on the structure of the house to be integrated correctly.

On the other hand, a wireless system is much more convenient because it does not require any intervention on the electrical system. It can also be easily connected to the home automation network at home and can be operated remotely via the dedicated Apps for smartphones or tablets.

Number of motion sensors and sirens

Another factor that affects the cost of a burglar alarm system is the number of motion sensors that you want to install. The number of sensors is not fixed but depends on the number of accesses that must be controlled or on the number of doors, windows, garage doors, pedestrian gates, etc. For this reason, if a house has many windows, many terraces, and several balconies, it needs more sensors to ensure careful surveillance of the entire space. The minimum price range includes a system with 3 motion sensors, but you can go up to 5 sensors or even more depending on each building’s needs.

Burglar alarm panel

If you choose the bell alarm monitoring for your home, it always comes with a burglar alarm panel that is hardwired in your home’s electrical circuit. It has the backup batteries if someone cut the power to it or in case of power interruption. If the intruder tries to break into your house, the siren will sound that last for about 20 minutes.

How much does a burglar alarm cost?

The alarm system’s price varies according to the type of elements installed; the system installation and maintenance cost must then be considered. In general, a smart alarm with wires has a higher installation cost because it involves renovations and embedded into the wires in the walls; however, the cost of the individual elements is lower. On the other hand, the wireless burglar alarm is easier to set up and has a lower installation cost, but the components are more expensive. Therefore maintenance becomes more complicated and expensive. 

Burglar Alarm System Cost
Burglar Alarm system kit £345-£695
System with message or call £175 to £350
Monitored systems Starts from £99
bells-only box with 2 to 3 sensors  £125 to £300
Burglar alarm with alert system that connect to 10 people £175 to £350
Alarm system with keyfob Additional  £40 and £110 per item

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