How to Choose a Home Security System

Around 15,000 burglaries occur each year in the UK, the peak being recorded during the day time. One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect yourself from any risk of burglary is to equip your home with an Intruder alarm installation. In the event of an intrusion, the alarm is triggered automatically to alert you and your neighborhood and encourage the criminals to flee. It can be linked to a mobile monitoring application or even a remote monitoring system to offer you even more security, whether it is to protect your main or secondary residence. There are some tips to guide you in choosing the right home security system to meet all your expectations.

5 basic elements to choose the best home security system


The home alarms are very numerous and of all kinds, but not all the home burglar alarm is the same. The best alarm for the home is that it fully protects your home, including outdoor areas and all access points, ensuring complete 24/7 protection. There are 5 fundamental elements must be considered to protect your home in the best way with an alarm system

Type of home (low or high floor apartment, semi detached,  detached house)

Size of the house

Number of accesses and entrances

Presence of garage, garden, and balconies

Risk of the area in which the house is located (near or far from a populated area)

It is essential to turn to experts in the sector who can assess each home’s critical points and propose the most suitable home alarm for individual needs.

How to Choose a Home Security System


First of all, it is important to analyse which home alarm system best suits the home’s characteristics, carefully examine the security technology, and evaluate the services and guarantees of the product.

An effective home alarm system must:

Being a powerful deterrent: an alarm system must include deterrent signs inside the kit that warn the thief that the property is controlled and protected by an alarm system. The goal is to convince the thief to choose “an easier target.”

Ensure total protection: motion sensors prevent the thief from entering your home. As soon as an intrusion attempt is detected, the motion sensor sends an alarm signal.

Service without interruptions 24 hours a day: the connection to an monitoring center 24 hours a day guarantees total protection. The house will be safe because, in addition to the alarm system.

Avoid false alarms: the alarm system must be equipped with a video surveillance system to check what is happening at any time, without having to alert neighbours and relatives. Each report from your system will be checked by an operator to avoid the risk of false alarms.

Make yourself heard: an alarm system must be equipped with a siren that activates in the event of an infringement.

This is possible due to wireless alarm systems for the home where communication between the sensors, the control unit, and the siren takes place via radio frequency: without the need for masonry works. This way, you can have the most advanced technologies for the complete protection of your home. It is imperative not to adopt the “do it yourself” method and rely on experts in the home alarm installation sector. They will place the video surveillance cameras inside your home in the most effective points after a careful evaluation of the areas of greatest risk. With alarmsmart, you can have installation and maintenance of the alarm system included in the price and guaranteed for the duration of the contract.