Pet-friendly alarm systems- An ultimate guide

This is a question that our customers often ask us when they ask for the installation of an alarm system and have a four-legged companion in their house. In the UK, over 51 million people have pets, 26 % of whom own one. Many people are convinced that they cannot install an alarm system for the presence of their pets, but fortunately, technology allows us to be safe in our homes together with our little friends. Coexistence is possible through volumetric sensors called the “Pet Immune” alarm system; they are detectors programmed to differentiate a person’s presence from that of an animal. Let us now explain what these sensors are.

What are pet-friendly alarm systems?


The volumetric sensors are devices that detect the presence of people in the environment in which they are installed, creating “invisible barriers” also on doors and windows, sending a signal in real-time to the alarm system control unit. Movement is generated by the movement of air caused by people or by their body heat. These sensors must be installed in the passage areas, such as stairs and corridors, and be provided for rooms, halls, living rooms, and other rooms.

The sensors are classified into two types, the first based on their operation and the second based on the detection technology used.

The division, according to the operation, includes the classic sensors and curtain motion sensors. The volumetric sensors are used for indoor environments, while curtain motion sensors are perimeter type and are used to protect the access points of a house, such as windows and doors.

The classification, according to technology, includes three types of sensors.

Infrared or PIR (Passive Infrared):

The sensor, having an infrared detection, is activated when they detect a change in temperature, due to body heat, in the monitored environment. These types of sensors can give false alarms, even if there is no burglary.

Dual technology sensor (infrared + DMT beam detection):

 Due to the presence of the upper and lower beams, combined with the infrared sensor, it guarantees greater safety and less possibility of having false alarms, guaranteeing very accurate detections. 

Triple technology sensor (infrared + DMT + microwave):

Microwaves allow detecting any moving body. The important thing is that it can be calibrated according to the mass and size of the pet present in the house, guaranteeing a very high degree of reliability and reducing false alarms to almost zero.

The infrared volume presence detector for dogs

As the name suggests, the infrared volume detector reacts according to the size of your animal. It will assess his weight due to PIR infrared radiation. Take the example of a Golden Retriever weighing 30 kilos: in this specific case, you will have to take an immune model of a minimum of 30 kilos. If you have more than one animal, just add their respective weights. Of course, some models also allow adjustment of the sensitivity level; it is ideal if your doggie takes a little body mass.

Cat-proof alarm system

Despite technological advances, there is still no alarm system strong enough to withstand the games and jokes of a malicious cat. What technology could?

We recommended to place your detector high and at a distance from the furniture to prevent your cheerful tomcat from making his cuddly toy.

Do you want to obtain a security system that is both effective against intrusions and compatible with your pets? Alarmsmart installs your alarm, advises you, and offers you a wide choice of devices. Your safety, our priority!