Security Alarms for Small Businesses in London

The best security system for a business has the power to prevent crimes, catch criminals, and minimize accidents like fire. Unfortunately, the small business owners in London believe that their business premises is enough and they don’t need a fancy alarm system to keep track of what’s happening around. The size of your premises doesn’t matter. There still several reasons you should be investing in a security alarm for small businesses.

Let’s explore them:

·      Improved Business Efficiency

It’s hard to monitor the activities in your office at all times. If you have got a variety of people coming in and out of the office’s premises, security alarms can help you catch unwelcomed visitors. This makes it easier to identify authorized individuals, keep unauthorized individuals at bay.

·      Peace of Mind

Any investment that gives you peace of mind is the best. Security alarms are one of them. They inform of what’s happening in your office space no matter what time of the day it is. In most cases, you also take action before anything happens. The alarm system controls loading doors, windows, and emergency exists too. You will have peace of mind regarding the security of your office.

Best Security Alarms for Small Businesses


If you are small business owners in London and it’s your first time investing in a security alarm, you must be overwhelmed with the options.

1.    Alarm Smart

Alarm Smart is perfect for small businesses that want to protect their business premises but don’t have a big budget. They specialize in bespoke security systems based on your needs. Their installation services are free of cost.

Their services cover North, South, East, and West London. The home security system includes door contacts, motion sensors, decoy alarm boxes for the front door, and a control panel with a built-in keypad.

The smart key holder provided by Alarm Smart calls and alerts all who have been selected to the key holders whenever the alarm triggers.

2.    Secom

Secom is for those businesses that have a bigger budget. They have an intruder alarm.  It’s meant to protect a business from authorized access. This intruder system is integrated with intruder detection technology to protect your premises and its members from threats 24 hours a day. it is suitable for all commercial premises.

3.    Telcam

Telcam specializes in smart business security systems. It’s perfect regardless of the size of your business. You could be a small corner shop or a large business. Their alarm systems will give you a hand in reducing theft and protecting your investment. The alarm systems bring an incredible selection of security options for protecting the business.

You could either invest in a smart wireless control panel that uses the Z wave technology for offering wireless connectivity or pick from the photodetector with a mini camera. As the alarm is activated, it records the movement and helps you catch the burglar.

Summing Up


With that being said, security your business in London is pertinent no matter what the size. With a valuable investment such as Alarm Smart, you can boost security by staying in budget.